NetTracer™ Solution Overview

NetTracer™, the NEXT GENERATION baggage tracing solution uses innovative, industry leading technology and core functionality to provide your baggage services department a competitive advantage.  Capable of fully integrating with reservation, tracking, scanning and other existing systems, NetTracer™ minimizes the need for manual input, enabling simplified, efficient and effective responses to customer baggage inquiries. Our flexible approach customizes implementation and ongoing modifications, allowing NetTracer™ to meet your unique needs and changing requirements.  Requesting modifications are made simple as you work directly with our 24/7 responsive, personalized customer service and support team. NetTracer™ puts you in control of your organization’s baggage tracing capabilities, transforming NetTracer™ into Your Tracing Solution.

Key Benefits

  • Customization – meets your organizations unique business processes and system requirements
  • Full Integration – minimizes manual input and simplifies operations by integrating with reservation,
       tracking and scanning, WorldTracer, baggage delivery and other systems
  • Ease of Use – simple web-based user interface leads to increased compliance and improved results
  • Minimal Training - limits both cost and implementation time
  • Responsive Support – 24/7 personal customer - centered service and support
  • Business Intelligence – access to key analytics allows for timely business and operational

Key Features

  • Self–Service Solutions – such as mobile web passenger access, proactive customer notifications,
       online self-service reporting, online self-service claims forms
  • Daily Task Management Workflows – prioritizes tasks for individual users
  • Disputes Management Workflows – helps manage fault coding disput
  • Pre and auto-coding for fault assigning – automatically assigns a fault code based on most likely
       scenario of the incident