NetTracerFS™ Solution Overview

Powered by NetTracer’s™ advanced tracing capabilities, NetTracer FS™ (FS) utilizes our extensive knowledge and experience developing algorithms and integrating with multiple airline systems. FS was developed extensively in collaboration with the domestic US airline industry which helped define the components of the 'ideal baggage fraud detection and prevention system.'

Tracing against claims data from participating airlines, FS uses sophisticated matching to identify potential fraudulent baggage claim indicators and providing your claims agents real-time results to help them make informed decisions about pending claims.

FS is continuing to collaborate closely with participating airlines and remains flexible to meeting changing industry needs and fraud trends while committed to being the industry’s Next Generation global fraudulent claims screening solution.

Fully launching in August 2011, NetTracer FS™ is available to airlines as a standalone web-based solution that can be integrated with reservation system, custom internal tracing or claims management solutions through web services OR as a fully integrated module that is within the NetTracer™ Baggage Management system.

Key Features

  • Customizable Privacy and Security Policies – Allows your airline to customize the matched claims
       data that is displayed to other airlines
  • Customizable Data Retention Policies – Allows your airline to define the period of time that claims
       data shall remain active
  • Encryption and Privacy Protection – Sensitive information, such as social security numbers,
       driver’s license, and passport numbers, are stored in one-way encrypted formats that are never
       viewable by any user
  • Request and Approval Workflow - The integrated request and approval process allows airlines to
       quickly and easily request data from each other
  • Real-time Results – FS performs a fully automated search and analysis for potential matches in
       only a few seconds
  • Associated Receipts – Allows users to record payment information from any receipts that were
       provided by the customer, which the payment and address information is then traced for matches.